Why I Love Goodreads

When in conversation with anybody about books, the question always pops up - do you use Goodreads?!

If you don't know what Goodreads is, it is a social media specifically for readers and it allows you to track books you have read, see what friends are currently reading and get recommendations for new books. I know some people frown upon it and I can see why. Reading shouldn't be about who reads the most books in a year and you shouldn't feel pressured to finish books just because they are on a virtual TBR shelf, however here are the reasons that I do still love Goodreads.

  1. Finding out about new books - I have come across so many of my favourite books by browsing other peoples ratings. I love going on a profile of a book, seeing who has given it the same rating as me and finding out what other books they love. 
  2. Reading reviews - Of course, there are plenty of other ways of reading reviews, however, having reviews for any book from people who love to read as much as you do is great! 
  3. Being nosy - If your friends keep their account up to date, it's interesting to see what they are currently reading. Especially if you end up reading the same book together.
  4. Keeping track / Motivation - Despite me mentioning how the reading goals can add pressure to reading, I find that I personally benefit from having this feature. I often get into a reading slump, look at how many books I have read so far and feel inspired to carry on.
  5. Giveaways - Who doesn't like a free book?! The social media offers a feature where you can apply to win review copies of books.
  6. Topics & discussions - Goodreads have 'topics' which are usually questions about authors you follow. These are quite fun to read through! 
  7. Quizzes - Something I only recently discovered was that Goodreads has quizzes! If you are like me and always find yourself getting distracted by Buzzfeed's many quizzes, you'll love these!

What is your opinion on Goodreads? 


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