Monday, 3 July 2017

A European Roadtrip

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about how I drove across to Germany to Bad Camberg for a VW show. Well, this year we did it again! Not to Bad Camberg though, this time we went to Hessisch Oldendorf.

We started our trip by driving to London on Wednesday night to stay with some family friends, before leaving at 6am to drive down to Dover to catch the Ferry. Last time we did the drive to Germany, we were in a modern car - however this time even more fun was added by the fact we were in vintage Volkswagens! It was my first time getting the Ferry so I wasn't too sure how I'd feel on it, but the outward journey was actually fine, I was so caught up in the excitement of meeting people going to the same show and exploring the duty free gift shop that I hardly even noticed we were on a boat. (The journey home was a totally different story though..) The ferry took us across to Dunkirk from which we drove up to Belgium, just outside of Antwerp. This drive wasn't so bad, we made a few stops and ended up getting there at around 7pm. A long day of driving!

In Belgium we went over to a place called BBT, where they hold an event for people going to the show with food and a museum of VW's to view. Being a vegetarian, I found it SO hard on this trip to find decent food. I think I take it for granted how easy it is in the UK. I ended up having just chips on this night! 

The next day, a convoy was arranged from BBT to Hessisch Oldendorf - what seems like hundreds of VW's driving across Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. It was great to see nothing but old Volkswagens on the road for certain parts of the journey, but it gets hard to stick together with huge trucks everywhere. Still - we had our playlist and were in a split screen camper so that didn't matter too much. 

Hessisch Oldendorf is such a lovely little town, it was odd to see such an old fashioned German town stuffed full of people and live music. The turn out in terms of cars was fantastic, everywhere you looked was a gorgeous VW. The amount of people got a bit much though, it was hard to take a photo without 5 people walking in front of you! That was apparently the busiest it has ever been. 

Next time we go, we will definitely remember to stay longer. It is such a long drive that just seeing the show for one day is crazy. We drove all the way home in one day too! 

Half way home, in Belgium, the camper broke down on a motorway. We looked behind us to see a cloud of smoke as the camper filled with smoke inside and pulled over. The engine had totally gone, so we had to leave the bus in Belgium and I hopped in the back of a Hebmuller (If you know what a Hebmuller is, you will know why this was so uncomfortable!). Even after rushing on with no more stops, we ended up missing the Ferry by 5 minutes and having to drive down to Calais for the next one. It was a stressful trip home and I was definitely happy to see my bed! 

Kate x

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