What I Got For Christmas 2016

Every January I absolutely love reading and watching people's what I got for christmas videos and blog posts, however like a lot of people I feel nervous about doing my own in case it is taken the wrong way. I had the best christmas in 2016, it was so stress free and I spent some much needed quality time with my family. I have been incredibly lucky to receive such gorgeous gifts and I want to share them because I like reading these posts and I think it's fun to be nosey. So here goes!

First of all, my Mum and Auntie both know how much I love Jo Malone and I couldn't believe it when I opened these goodies. I got my absolute favourite cologne - Pomegranate Noir! I had just run out of this so was so happy to have some to wear. It makes me feel so fresh and it's a great all year round fragrance. My auntie was kind enough to get me some body & hand wash in the Peony & Blush Suede scent and some bath oil in the Red Roses scent. I am definitely going to save these for special occasions and at the moment I have them sat on my book shelf because the packaging is just so fancy!

I had been talking to my best friend Emily about starting a collection of the Art of Disney books because I think they are so interesting - seeing character development and sketches of characters that I enjoy copying as practice. She completely surprised me with the Ratatouille edition and I was so over the moon. It's gorgeous and I have been loving looking through it and taking it all in bit by bit. My parents also got me the Tangled edition and they are such gorgeous collectables. I also got two books from my parents that I asked for; Fifty Paths to Creative Photography by Michael Freeman and The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. I was so desperate to check out Fifty Paths to Creative Photography after watching WeeklyImogen's review of it recently. I love that it has so many quotes about what photography means to different people! You can find Imogen's review here. I recently read Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and loved it so I am excited to read more of her work. I hate to say it but it does also help when the cover is so pretty!

I was over the moon to receive so much make up this year - I feel like I have such a good collection now and can play around with so many different looks. I haven't owned any Kylie products before, only borrowed my sisters, so I was jump up and down excited when I unwrapped the eyeshadow pallet on christmas morning! It has such beautiful colours that really remind me of Autumn and just all my favourite things. 

At Christmas dinner, we pulled our crackers expecting pens or mini playing cards but instead found that mum had hidden Kylie liquid lipsticks inside! I wish we had photos of our faces, we were both so shocked! Such a good surprise! 

Benefit make up is of course great but I find it is so expensive that I never end up buying it for myself. I had mentioned to mum a few weeks before Christmas that I was after a new blush and I don't know how she did it but she really did find the perfect shade for me. It looks so natural and it came in a gift set with all these other products which I have tried and now use in my every day make up routine. They are all such good quality and I am so grateful for them! 

I love getting DVD's for christmas, especially when it's a film you haven't seen before. It makes such a fun night in for the awkward week in between Christmas and new year when there really isn't a whole lot to do. I had wanted to see this at the cinema but missed it - so one night we all got cosy on the sofas with all the snacks; popcorn, chocolate, fizzy drinks, everything bad for you and watched it. I can't remember the last time mum watched a film and didn't fall asleep - so the fact that she watched the whole thing shows what a brilliant movie it is. It is beautiful and I already want to watch it again!

Every time I go into Urban Outfitters I see this mug and fall in love with it more and more. My wonderful boyfriend actually got it for me and I haven't had coffee out of anything else since! I have been putting biscuits in its little head and it is such a good size. I adore it! 

I have been so lucky this Christmas, I am so grateful and happy. Christmas is my favourite time of year and this was the best one we have had probably since I was little. I loved every second and now I feel so ready to take on 2017 and do whatever it takes to make it the best year ever. Bring it on! 

Let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments - especially if you have your own what I got for Christmas post - leave me a link! 

Kate x


  1. That elephant is adorable! The Benefit set is so cute as well. Really, you got a ton of adorableness, haha :) I love that your mother looked for little hints and surprised you with different gifts. Those are always some of the best!

    I didn't do a gift post, but I did get a few books, some vinyl, some Lush stuff. All kinds of fun :) I'm glad your Christmas was such a nice time :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. That sounds great, got to love lush at christmas! And books, so exciting when people buy you books that you haven't heard much about! xx

  2. I'm so jealous of the makeup you got!! The benefit kit looks amazing. Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  3. You got some really amazing things. The elephant cup is absolutely adorable. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  4. I love everything you got! The Disney art books are beautiful, but I absolutely love the Adventure Time ones (yep, judge me)

    mia //

  5. THe little elephant is adorable. So cute! And I absolutely love all things from Jo Malone... you're so lucky! xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

  6. The elephant mug is adorable! Love it!

  7. I seriously love everything you got! And I need to read those books because I love books and need new books to read. I enjoyed this post x

  8. That is the cutest little mug I have ever seen! 😍 Such a great post, hope you had a great christmas! x

  9. You got the cutest things on Christmas!! I'm obsessed with Disney art books & your elephant mug is so adorable! It's so nice to see how you enjoyed your Christmas, I miss Christmas already!

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn


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