Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How I Get Blogging / Creative Inspiration

Blogging is such a fun and creative hobby however sometimes it can get a little bit stressful and frustrating when you want to blog but just can't think of any ideas. I have a few tips on how to stay motivated and come up with new ideas that I hope will be helpful to you!

Plan ideas in a notebook

This one might be painfully obvious to some bloggers, but I find that I have some days where I have what seems like thousands of ideas and others where I can't think of anything. To spread them out a bit, I have a blogging notebook. This is different to a blogging planner (although I do have one that I use - however that is for planning the ideas that I already have). In this notebook, I literally list as many ideas as I can think of for posts. Some of them are useless and will never actually become a blog post, but may get me thinking and help me to plan a better one. I flick through this notebook all of the time and am constantly adding to it. I also use this to remember seasonal posts, for example christmas ideas that I didn't get round to in 2016 but would like to do in 2017.

Having a note book completely dedicated to this instead of writing ideas in your everyday journal means that you always know where to find them. It is a place you go to specifically to find blogging inspiration and your ideas don't get lost within all of your everyday scribbles!

Go out for the day

A lot of blogging happens inside, sitting at a computer. Of course you are going to run out of ideas when you are constantly in the same place! Take your camera on an outing, whether it is to a cafe or a national park, being in a new environment will fill your head with ideas that you can note on your phone and capture in pictures. I love seeing posts that include images of what people have been doing. It's a bit like a daily vlog but in blog form.

Schedule posts

Again, this may seem obvious but in the first few months of blogging I would write a post and publish it straight away because I was so excited to share it. I have realised now that in order to have a regular blogging schedule it is so important to be patient and save some of your posts for days when you don't have time to write one from scratch.


Pinterest is a home for all of your creative inspirations. Although you pin other peoples images, you can definitely use these as inspiration rather than copying them completely. For example, if you find and pin images of illustrations you love, you could turn this into a post of your favourite illustrators. You can also find so many pins to do with blogging; lists of post ideas, how to improve your blog etc. Creating a blogging Pinterest board will definitely inspire you.

Just start writing

Although planning is good and organised, don't get too caught up in it. Sometimes it is easier to just start writing and see what happens than to spend ages thinking about it. You can take the photos after! Or, you could try the opposite and just go out and take photos - then turn them into a blog post after.

Use a product you love

Think of the product you have been using all of the time and write a review on it! It will be genuine and not forced. Whether its make up, a bath product, a clothing item or art supplies. Someone might be interested in buying it, see your review and be convinced!

Share knowledge

Lots if not all bloggers have other topics that they are interested in. Some make jewellery, some have business qualifications, some have travelled a lot.. the list goes on forever. Try to include some of your career or hobbies into your blog to make it even more personal to you. I studied art at college so sometimes I will write posts about this.

I hope that you have found these posts helpful. Sometimes the most obvious points are the most helpful! Let me know how you find inspiration in the comments.

Kate x

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