Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Home Comforts / How To Relax at Home

I spend probably a bit more time than I should relaxing and having 'me time'. I say more time than I should because I sometimes feel embarrassed about needing more 'me time' than some other people do, but really that's ridiculous. I suppose if you need it you should give yourself it. I get so stressed over little things and it's nice to have time in the evenings to watch TV or longer bubble baths instead of showers - little things that make me feel warm and loved.

When I'm doing these things, I like to use this quiet time to get my head organised. Not in a pressured way, but a chilled out way. It might be doing an Ocado shop, making a list of all of the tasks I need to get completed, or sometimes even just going on Pinterest and organising some inspiration for things like college projects, meal ideas, outfit ideas - anything like that. These aren't really important tasks, but to me they matter because I can't complete bigger tasks before I have everything ordered and organised in my head.

I find comfort in a lot of Autumnal / Christmas related things - such as hot chocolates, gingerbread men, cosy pyjamas with big jumpers and fluffy slippers.. all of these things feel like a big ol' cuddle to me.

Top 6 Home Comforts 
1. Warm drinks - I love cappuccinos, black coffee and hot chocolates. I saw on TV the other night that when you drink warm drinks they actually make you feel warm towards other people and I definitely find that to be so true - as soon as I have a warm mug in my hands I feel so relaxed and chatty! 
2. Baking - I have been baking so much more because of The Great British Bake Off and the time of year. I think this is the time of year that everybody starts thinking about baking, and all of the bake scented candles arrive! 

3. Disney Movies - I think this is the same for everybody but I just love coming home, lighting a candle, making a coffee and putting a disney film on. My favourites are Peter Pan, Ratatouille, Lilo and Stitch and Cinderella (2015). My disney DVD collection is so precious to me because they all bring me such comfort! 

4. New Pyjamas - There is no better feeling than getting into new PJ's at night, especially with a hot water bottle or after the PJ's have been on the radiator. They make you feel fresh and ready for a good nights sleep! The pyjama trousers pictured here are from Primark and I think they were about £5! 

5. Family Time - Although we have lots of family BBQ's over the summer and go out together, nothing beats having family time inside your warm and cosy home when it is freezing outside. Whether it be just watching TV together, eating mum's roast dinner or playing a board game (which always ends in arguments!) when these things start happening, you know that it is almost Christmas!

6. Reading - If you come home from a long day and don't fancy having the TV on / just feel like you need some peace and quiet, get snuggled up in bed with all the blankets and cushions you can find and read a book. I have just started reading 'The Boy At The Top Of The Mountain' by John Boyne. I am enjoying it so far. I love being taken away to a completely different life, forgetting any worries I may have and just escaping.  

What would you say your 'home comforts' are? Let me know!

Kate x


  1. Candles, blankets, pjs, and tea is definitely some of mine!

  2. Love this post! I love new pajamas and cozy slippers as well...a warm drink (hey, even a glass of sparkling white wine can make you feel warm!), candles, a good TV show to marathon, reading, playing the piano, playing in the backyard with my cats.