Friday, 7 October 2016

H&M Face Mask Reviews

At this time of year, nothing beats coming home from a long day to take your make up off, getting into your most comfortable pyjamas and putting on a face mask while you paint your nails or catch up on a youtube video. When the weather starts getting chilly, I tend to need much more 'me time'. Even if I haven't had a particularly busy day, if it gets dark earlier I get tired earlier, so it's nice to unwind and relax before bed. UNiDAYS has been my savior lately with all of the student discount they have to offer, so when I saw that they were providing 20% off at H&M with free delivery (which has ended now unfortunately!) I had to grab some of these face masks that I have seen pop up here and there on twitter. I got three different masks, the 'Charcoal and Volcanic Soil' which is for blemish-prone skin, 'Witch Hazel' which is for oily skin and the soothing clay mask.

The 'Charcoal and Volcanic Soil' and 'Witch Hazel' masks have quite unique packaging, coming in these little pod type tubs. I love that these are so small and would be really easy to put in your travel bag if you wanted a little pamper night on holiday or when staying in a hotel. These are only £1.99 each and after using it once I had plenty left over for another day, so I think that they are great value!

I was slightly disappointed to find that the actual mask is not the same colour as the packaging; although that doesn't really matter when it comes to what you use them for, it's always fun to have a colourful face mask!

Since the products arrived in the post I have tested 'Witch Hazel', and I really enjoyed it. The packaging made it easy to apply and it felt smooth and creamy on my skin - not like some face masks that can feel sticky. It was actually relaxing to apply. After about 10 minutes the mask had dried and made my skin feel tight - I then removed the product with a flannel and finished my normal skin care routine. This product really did what it said it would do. I get terribly oily skin throughout the day and this mask seemed to remove excess oils and make my skin feel normal for once! I think that using these more often could help to keep my oily skin a little bit more under control.

The above pictures show the 'Soothing Clay Mask'. When I first spotted this mask on the H&M website, I was so intrigued as I had never used a powder mask before. The packaging suggests that you can apply this mask two different ways, either mixing the powder with water in a pot before applying so that it creates a normal mask consistency or you can wet your face and then apply the powder straight to your face. I decided to mix the powder before applying and I found this really easy to do, however I did mix too much and wasted a bit. It was easy to apply and was very similar to the Witch Hazel consistency. It uses natural bentonite and kaolin clays to remove excess oils from the skin by absorbing them. I didn't find this mask to be as effective in terms of oily skin as Witch Hazel, within a couple of hours my skin was back to normal. I did find it enjoyable to use and it did make my skin feel refreshed and clean. The only down side is that it made my skin turn red - not out of irritation but as if it was stained! No worries though, after soaking my skin and washing it thoroughly it was hardly noticeable. Just be aware of this if you are planning on using it before going out!

Have you tried any H&M face masks yet? Let me know what you think of them!

Kate x


  1. I didn't realise they did masks! I'll definitely check them out, I've never tried a powder one either! Thanks for sharing :) x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

    1. Definitely worth giving them a go! xx