Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Amazon Wishlist - Preparing For Halloween

As a student, I am always browsing amazon for little cheap goodies. I have so many wish lists that it's hard to keep track of them all. Just recently, I have been looking out for little bits that I can buy to make this Halloween special - as I'll be having friends over for a pumpkin carving day on my birthday! Here is what I found...

1. Yankee Candle Autumn Night Wax Tart Melt  £1.94
Everybody loves yankee candles, am I right?! I like these wax tart's because they have such a strong scent and fill the room really quickly. They are also really cheap so I love picking them up when I see them in shops!

2. iLLoom Balloon Fixed LED Light Up Balloons £3.89
My sister had a camping party over the summer and she had some light up balloons, they lasted much longer than I expected and looked amazing! I think that these will be great to have around the house on halloween - or even to hang on the door for the trick or treaters to see.

3. Halloween Nail Art Water Transfers £1.29
I think that these are so cute and will look amazing with any halloween costume. It's so much easier than trying to paint tiny halloween designs on your nails yourself.

4. Hanging Halloween Pumpkin Leaf Bags £1.61
I think that by the look of the picture, these are too small to be used as bin bags, but if you don't have time to carve a pumpkin these would be great. You could fill them with leaves like it suggests or maybe dirt / stones. They would look great in your garden!

5. Spider Web Cellophane Treat Bags £1.59
If you are a bit of a halloween enthusiast like me and can't get enough of all of the halloween preparation, you could go all out and make some treat bags to hand out on halloween. These bags are ideal for filling with sweets and handing out to trick or treaters - or even just giving to your friends!

6. Mini Zombie Head Popcorn Boxes £4.20
If you're planning on having a laid back halloween watching movies with friends and family, how ideal are these little popcorn boxes?! I love them!

7. Halloween Cookie Cutters £2.58
Everybody seems to be in a baking mood lately thanks to the GBBO and it would be so cute to make some cookies and be able to shape them in these cute halloween shapes! These could be given out in the cellophane bags as well.

8. Careshine Orange Party Straws £1.29
I have just ordered these to use on my birthday and halloween. Even if you're having a quiet halloween its still nice to have something with a halloween twist around the house. I'm so excited to drink my go-to cherry tango while using these!

I think that all of these little bits are so cheap and can help you organise all kinds of cute surprises for halloween gatherings! Have you picked anything up for halloween yet? What are your plans? Let me know!

Kate x

disclaimer - I use amazon associates so if you do use my links it helps me out a bit!


  1. So many cute things! All of these things would make for such a cute party :) And I smelled that candle a few days ago, it's lovely!

    I don't really have plans for Halloween. But, I have picked up a few little decorations. I have a little candy dish that looks like a kitty! I'm very pleased with it, haha ;)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. I think picking up decorations is one of the best things about halloween. The dish sounds so cute!! xx

  2. How adorable are all these Halloween goodies!
    Since we have Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, anything Halloween-related is usually reserved for afterwards. But so far, I have a pumpkin cookie cutter, I bought some Pilbsury place-and-bake sugar cookies (with little ghosts on them!) and all the fun decorations will come afterwards. I assume for Halloween, the boyfriend and I will be at our friends' place and just take lots of fun pictures and enjoy some drinks! :)


    1. Yesssss halloween is all about sweet goodies, especially cookies! That sounds great! Have a great Halloween! xx