Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Affordable Autumn Lip Colours

I'd love to say that I can afford to buy all of the Kylie lip kits and other more expensive lip products, but in reality I cannot. I love finding a good high street product that will last me a long time, that I don't have to worry about losing or wasting. I do like a more expensive product every now and again but for this post I really wanted to share my every day, affordable lip products that I will be wearing in October and probably up until Christmas!

Mac Velvet Teddy
I think that everybody knows this Mac shade very well by now, it's a great one for all year but especially for transitioning from summer shades to darker autumn ones.

Mac Taupe
This is very simular to velvet teddy, except its darker and much more Autumnal. I use this one almost every day. A great staple shade for when you are in a rush but need something dark. You can get away with applying it quickly unlike other darker shades that need pencils etc to get perfect.

Tanya Burr Enchanted Forest
I'm not a huge fan of gloss, in fact I think this may be the only one I own. I don't wear it daily, but if I am going out to a meal or something that I want a really dark shade for it is perfect. It smells so sweet and is just so enjoyable to wear!

NYC 031 Gramercy Park Plum
I purchased this to go underneath my Tanya Burr gloss, as it is almost exactly the same shade. I actually like using this on its own as well - because it is a crayon its easy to wear in either a really bold way or use less for a lighter look.

Collection Lip Liner Precision Colour 08 Natural
Mac lipsticks are fab but they aren't necessarily great for staying on all day. This is great for wearing under the Mac shades I mentioned earlier to help them to stay on your lips a bit longer.

What are your favourite Autumn lip shades?

Kate x

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  1. These colours are so cute! Taupe, especially, is really nice (though I don't know if it would be a great shade for me - oh well!). I'm always a big fan of Rimmel's 107 (though I wear that year 'round!). And while I'm not sold on the formula, the colour of Covergirl's Maroon Meow from the Katy Kat collection is really nice for fall :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh