Monday, 10 October 2016

A Trip To Homesense

After seeing Zoella visit it so many times, I finally found a Homesense close to where I live and went down to have a look at all the Halloween and Christmas goodies. I can't believe it has taken me this long to go but oh my. It was a dream! So many cute decorations and treats and the best bit - everything was SO cheap! I believe Homesense has something to do with TK Maxx because the gift cards have both logos on and I saw a lot of the same products in Homesense as I have seen in TK Maxx before. The difference is that Homesense doesn't stock any clothes - it is all about the home wear! 

As soon as I walked through the door all I could see was Halloween supplies - I wanted to buy them all! As you can see from these photos, they had everything from treat buckets to candy to life sized skeletons! I even found some Pumpkin Latte flavoured ground coffee! Being a pumpkin lover, I wish we had more of this sort of product available in the UK. America seem to have pumpkin flavoured everything at this time of year - even oreos! Homesense also stocked a flavoured coffee syrup gift set which included pumpkin spice. Yummy!

I will definitely be paying another visit to this shop to do lots of my Christmas shopping. As I mentioned before, everything was really affordable and unique. 

I fell in love with the stationary / party wear section. Everything was so pinterest! I can't wait to go back closer to December and pick out some fun Christmas plates etc for Christmas eve party food. Also notice that halloween coloured paper garland - DREAM. 

After a whole lot of shopping, I came home with this cute pumpkin tea light holder and cauldron mug. A halloween mug was what I was mostly looking for on the day as I wanted one that I could get out every October and enjoy coffee from - this one is perfect! I love the purple spider detail on top of the handle. These items were no more than £5 each - absolute bargain. Especially the pumpkin that would probably be at least £10 anywhere else!

Do you have a Homesense near you / do you visit often? I can't believe it has taken me this long but now that I have discovered it I have a feeling that I will be a regular visitor!

Kate x

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