Friday, 9 September 2016

Yankee Candles For Autumn / Winter

It is no secret that I have quite an addiction to yankee candles. I am always picking up the samples or tarts in shops like B&Q or garden centres. I can't help it, I just want to smell all of the smells! My largest collection is of course saved for Autumn / Winter, when candles become a daily thing. There is absolutely nothing better than getting into bed with a good movie or TV show, maybe even a nice book, and having a festive scented candle glowing at the other side of the room. I LOVE it. I don't care if the name of the scent has the word 'christmas' in it, as soon as September arrives I am lighting it!

I have two snow scented candles - the larger of the two is called 'Snow In Love' and the smaller 'Sparkling Snow'. I definitely prefer Sparkling Snow, it is a very clean scent perfect for the daytime. I actually think this one would be a good scent for all year round because it isn't particularly festive.

The other medium sized candle is called 'Cosy By The Fire' which actually sums it up completely. It is very festive - in fact it reminds me of a warm, spiced christmas drink you'd get from Starbucks! The smaller candle pictured here is 'Berry Trifle' and is how you would expect a berry trifle to smell, however it isn't overly sweet like other berry / fruit candles.

And lastly, these two small candles are 'Spiced Orange' and 'Vanilla Bourbon'. These are my two favourite candles and are the ones I have been burning most over the last two weeks. Spiced Orange is, quite obviously, a strong orange scent. I love the smell of oranges and through the festive months last year I put sliced oranges and cinnamon sticks on boil just so that the smell would fill the house! This candle is very strong so does the same (and with no washing up!). I find the scent quite refreshing which is sometimes hard to find in Autumn / Winter candles. Vanilla Bourbon is one I picked up just the other day from the York outlet Yankee Candle store. I was searching for a really strong smelling candle that again would fill the whole house with yummy festive scents - and this was IDEAL! It is quite sweet, but not like some of the cake scents. It has been my go to candle for cold evenings.

What is your favourite candle - is it a yankee candle or do you prefer other brands?

Kate x


  1. Ah! I love candles :) I wish the weather here were a bit cooler just for the candle opportunity, but I guess I should take the nice weather when it comes, haha. I don't think I really have a favourite brand, though I do have a few from Bath & Body Works that I really like. However, I'm not a big fan of most seasonal scents! I sometimes find them to be too much, or too synthetic. When I find a candle I like I tend to snatch it up right away ;)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

    1. Ah, I so wish that we had bath & body works in the UK as the candles and everything looks AMAZING! xx

  2. so excited for the Christmas candles! My fav's are always the gingerbread or cinnamon ones <3

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Oooh yes they are great scents, love them!! xx

  3. omg sparkling snow is my favourite! really want it as a melt! lovely post, followed! x

  4. Yankee candles are my absolute favs. I actually have Snow In Love! And I love because it reminds of Christmas time. One that I got recently is Autumn Night from the Autumn collection 2016 and I-love-it.


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