Friday, 30 September 2016

What To Watch - Halloween on Netflix UK

One of my favourite ways to spend Halloween and all of Autumn really is to cuddle up with my dog and watch movies. I'm not a very big fan of scary / horror movies so I'm a bit of a pro when it comes to spooky-but-not-spooky. Here is a list of what I'll be watching over the next few weeks!

1. The Addams Family
I actually watched this last week and I still love it just as much as I did when I was little. It's a great movie and you can't get more halloween themed than the addams family!

2. American Horror Story
I know that this can be a little scary at times but I find that you get so into it and love the characters so much that it really doesn't matter. In fact its more funny than scary most of the time (depending on the season!) I am really liking the new season which is on TV at the moment as well. The good thing about AHS is that it doesn't matter what season you start with because they are all really different.

3. Hotel Transylvania
If you need any inspiration for costumes, this is the movie to watch. So many cute monsters - it's such  a fun, happy movie yet still gets you in the mood for Halloween.

4. Pretty Little Liars
If you have already watched Pretty Little Liars - why not go back and watch all of the Halloween themed episodes? They are some of the best!

5. Teen Wolf
I watched the two seasons of this that are on Netflix over the summer and it's one of those shows that gets really addictive. I recommend it if you haven't already seen it! Of course the fact that it is all about werewolves gets you into the Halloween spirit!

6. Stranger Things
I know that there is so much hype around this show at the moment, but it deserves every bit of it. It's so different to anything else I've watched and I loved every episode. I made my boyfriend and sister both watch it and they both really enjoyed it too!

7. iZombie
Me and my boyfriend started watching this last Friday night and ended up watching 6 episodes of it before we finally fell asleep. It's so good! It's about a zombie girl who works with detectives to solve murder mysteries by eating the victims brains. I know it sounds really odd but it's funny, not too gross and just a really good show!

8. The Returned
I enjoyed this show SO MUCH. It's about all different characters that come back from the dead and have to learn to live with everything that has changed in the time that they have been gone. It's a pretty addictive one so stock up on popcorn!

9. The Vampire Diaries
This speaks for itself really. Cute vampires, great show. If you haven't watched it yet - GO GO GO! Actually, even if you have already seen it, go watch it again. GO GO GO!

10. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
For me, this is a halloween MUST! It's sort of creepy but it's a kids movie, so it's mostly funny. I feel like most people have already seen this, so just watch it again! You know you want to.

Let me know what you will be watching over October - whether it is on Netflix or not!

Kate x


  1. Love this, as I never know what good to watch, especially in Halloween season! LOVE pretty little liars! X

  2. This is awesome! These are mostly shows I watch all year round as I love horror. Only one I didn't really enjoy was Izombie I found it really hard to get into X

    1. Oh really, I am really enjoying it so far! xx

  3. oh great list, I'm not that much a 'scary' person but i will have to check some of these out!! Ps love your lights!!!xox

    1. Aww thank you Emma! They are from B&M xx

  4. Thank you so much for this! I finished so many series and now I have nothing to watch

  5. Some great suggestions! I enjoyed Stranger Things so much! I'm currently getting into the Halloween spirit by watching The Walking Dead. I'm a bit of a wimp though so I have to hide behind a cushion 😂

    1. Ahh I am tempted to watch The Walking Dead, I have only seen the first two seasons! xx

  6. Hotel Transylvania has to be one of my fave films ever it's so good! I've just started watching American Horror Story recently so I'm only on series 2 but I love it! Autumn time is perfect for these kinds of shows/films! X

    1. It's such a good movie, isn't it! American Horror Story is so good, you will love the rest of it! xx

  7. Such a great list! I like a little bit scary, not too scary though haha!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  8. Great list! I love the Addams Family and Pretty Little Liars!

    Serena /