Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Recently Purchased / Winning Abbie Chic's Giveaway

With Autumn slowly arriving, I have been picking up some little bits and bobs ready for the new season. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year as I'm sure I have made clear by now by flooding my blog with Autumn related posts as soon as September arrived! I want to make the most of the next few months as I know that as soon as it is over I'll be missing them like crazy. Here are some of the bits I have picked up for not much money at all! 

I really want to bake lots of pies this year. I have already made some bean and vegetable pies for dinner one night, but I also want to bake apple pies and pumpkin pies! So of course, to make the perfect pie you need some leaf shaped cutters, right?! I found this set on amazon for only £1.49 and free delivery and although they took a while to arrive (I guess they are from China), when they did they were even better quality than I had hoped for. They all work perfectly and I really can't fault them. Bargain! Here is a link to buy them.

I am obsessed with both candles and pumpkins, so when I found this huge caramel pumpkin swirl scented candle in B&M for just over £2 I HAD to get it. I have already used it loads and I can tell it'll last me a really long time. The scent isn't too much however does definitely smell of pumpkins. I will be burning this all through October! 

On my trip to B&M, in the halloween section, I also found these pumpkin shaped fairy lights which were reduced to just £1.99! They are battery powered and although halloween is a month away, I may already have them up on my shelves. Obviously, with them being so cheap I don't expect them to last ages, but for £1.99 I can't complain.

I am starting back at college on Friday and wanted a nice, small, pocked sized notebook to take along with me. I found this one in Wilko for only £2. It's a gorgeous rose gold colour and has fairly good quality lined paper inside. I love the simple 'Note' stamp it has on the front, it makes it look quite fancy! They had some great stationary in store - definitely worth taking a look.

I was also super lucky recently and won Abbie Chic's twitter giveaway! I was out for a meal with my family, got home and checked twitter and I couldn't believe it. I never win anything! I wanted to share with you what I won, I believe it is all from Dunelm if you want to pick anything up for yourself! Definitely go and visit Abbie's blog, which you can find by clicking here

I am so grateful for these lovely prizes, thanks Abbie!

Kate x


  1. I am so excited for autumnal candles which makes me sound like such a granny haha! Great post <3

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Haha, don't worry, that makes me a granny too!! Thanks lovely xx

  2. Ooooh reading this made me feel so cosy <3

  3. That candle was such a bargain, I bet it smells amazing as well!

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