Monday, 22 August 2016

Summer In The City 2016!

I am quite late writing this and it seems like forever since SITC, but I really wanted to write about it, so..

This was my first ever time at Summer In The City, I'd heard about it before but I decided to actually go this time! I went with my younger sister, Chloe. In case you don't know how the SITC ballot works, basically a little while before the event you have to select which youtubers you would like to meet in the order of how much you want to meet them. We were lucky enough to receive tickets to meet the Sacconejolys, Sanne Vliegenthart (booksandquills) and Lex Croucher (tyrannosauruslexxx).

Me and Chloe absolutely adore the Sacconejoly's and watch their videos every night (even mum watches sometimes!). Meeting them was quite surreal because when you watch someones videos every single day it feels like you know them, or like they are your friends (friendliest friends!). So in some ways it was just like meeting somebody you already know but in other ways it was like meeting a celebrity that you really admire! They were exactly as you'd expect them to be, so lovely and welcoming. Anna was even more beautiful in real life (can you believe that is even possible?!) and Jonathan was hilarious (as you can see by our faces!). I hope they do loads more meet ups soon so that I can keep meeting them! Chloe somehow managed to stand on BOTH of Jonathan's toes and I gave them a book from my childhood to give to the kids.

Lots of youtubers also held spontaneous meet ups around the venue, which meant that if we didn't get them in the ballot or even if they just decided to attend last minute - we still got to meet them! We found Mark Ferris, Gabby (velvetgh0st) and Darcy Cole!

As well as all of the meet and greets, there were also lots of stalls and fairground rides. My favourites were definitely all of the book stalls and I got a copy of Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard because it was featured in Zoella's book club and it was only £5! 

As you can tell, I had such a great time and I will definitely be returning next year! Even if there isn't many youtubers that you know attending, it's still worth it for the whole creative atmosphere! 

Kate x


  1. You certainly look like you had an amazing time! Nice photos! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

    1. Yes, I definitely did!! Thank you :) xx

  2. Ah Kate I'm so glad you had a great time! <3 also how am I only just reading your blog, it's taken me long enough!! Xx

    1. Omg, hi! Thank you so much, it was a brill day! Aww welcome ;) Absolutely love yours!! xxx