Disposable Camera

There is something so exciting about taking photos with a disposable camera. I tend to have one on the go for months and then end up forgetting what is even on it. I love that you have absolutely no control over how the photos are going to come out. You can't look at the photo, decide it isn't good enough and take a new one. For some reason, even if I feel that I look bad in a disposable camera I still show people (unlike digital photos). I guess that's because I can't go back and retake it, so it's still special even if I do look like a potato.

I took my latest camera down to boots for the one hour service today. I picked them up, then went and opened them in a coffee shop. I find it so exciting waiting to see if any even came out. Luckily, this time, they did! I had some photos just from around the house and in the garden (see above), some from random days out and some from when I visited my best friend in Norwich. I love the vibrant colours from disposables. 

I do have a 35mm film camera, which is great, however sometimes it's nice not to have to think about camera settings. Just get the camera out, take the photo. Done! Love it. 

Do you use disposable cameras? Let me know! 

Kate x

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