Disney Meetup At Hyde Park

On the 27th August, Ellie Steadman held a disney meet up / picnic in Hyde Park, London. I went along with my sister and best friend, Emily! We took along lots of goodies including stitch shaped sandwiches (that my lovely mum made us!) and some yummy crisps and dips! I met some lovely people and had a lovely day. We left a bit early to try and hunt down the peter pan statue but ended up getting lost, oops! Chloe (my little sis) even won a runner up prize Alyssa's giveaway and chose a cute queen of hearts badge! 

 The lovely Charlotte

 Gorgeous Ellie!

 Stephie & Dave who were LOVELY!

 Chloe's badge

Mum's stitch sandwiches!

It was such lovely day out and I can't wait to attend the next one. It is wonderful to be around so many people who share your love for disney!

Kate x



  1. Aw the stitch shaped sandwiches are so cute, bless your mum for making them! Sounds like you had a lovely day!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Haha, she was so excited when she first showed me them. It was a great day!! xx

  2. It was such a lovely day, sound glad to have shared it with my bestie! <3


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