Sunday, 5 June 2016

DIY Marble Cards & Prints

Since my best friend Emily moved to uni, we have been sending each other cute snail mail; usually postcards, stickers, photos etc. I have began trying to be more arty and creative with what I send rather than buying postcards. So, here are some experiments I did today! Marble look postcards / prints.

You will need : Thick paper, ink, shaving foam, plate or bowl, stick, ruler.

I started by mixing up some shaving foam on a plate, then using a stick to swirl ink into it. The first few times I tried this I didn't have enough ink; you need more than you would think! 

Then, press the paper into the shaving foam. You don't have to leave it or anything, it's ready straight away.

Then use a ruler to scrape off the shaving foam. You're left with a marble look created by the inks! This is so quick and easy but VERY messy so make sure you have some kind of wipes to clean your hands after!

This could be used for so many things; cards, framed prints, wrapping paper.. I love it! 

Kate x

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