Sprinkle of Glitter Diary 2016 - Review!

I love to start off the year with a nice new diary, it makes everything feel so organised! This year I picked up the 'Sprinkle of Glitter Diary 2016', which you can buy from the book depository for only £4 at the moment! (linked here) I'm a bit of a stationary freak, I love to collect all different bits and bobs.. but I'm also quite picky when it comes to choosing a diary! I love Louise's youtube videos and when I saw this I thought it was super cute. It has a real scrapbooky (don't think thats a real word) feel to it with some of the pages full of inspirational quotes and photos of Louise with her friends. Even if you don't know much about Louise - her little additions make it feel so personal and positive! It's also quite thin, so really easy to carry along to college / school etc.

Another nice touch is that throughout the book it has some hashtags, so that if you are using it you can follow along with them and theres a chance Louise might see your photos and respond!

It's such a lovely, very pink diary and if you are still looking to buy a new one, I'd definitely recommend it! 

Kate x

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