Lush 'Cup O' Coffee' Mask Review

 I got lots of lush goodies for christmas this year and I was especially excited with this one. I always go and look at the masks in store but always turn away because they seem so pricey for such a little tub. After using this twice now, I think i'll still get at least 4 more masks out of it. I will be buying more of these!

Because of its strong coffee scent, I've been using this in the morning (when I have time to). It woke me up and made me go downstairs craving a big cup of coffee! It brightens my skin and makes me feel refreshed, ready to start the day.

Mask selfie!

I can't wait to carry on with this mask and also add a few more to my collection. I want to look into getting one for evenings so that I can use it along side a lush bath bomb!

Kate x


  1. I'm yet to try this facemask, but I've heard so many vegan bloggers swearing by it! Loving the mask selfie haha :)

    1. If you're a coffee lover like me it's definitely one to try! And thank you haha!! X

  2. I still need to try the Lush face masks! I feel like I’d really enjoy this one as I absolutely LOVE the smell of coffee

    Hannah xx


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