Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Under £5 Stocking Fillers

Ahhhhh. The first christmassy post is here! I can't wait. I've been keeping my eye out for some stocking fillers because I absolutely love wrapping up little bits and bobs. We have a bit of a tradition where we have little gifts like these to open with our christmas dinners. It just adds that extra touch of magic!

I hope you find this post useful - I think there are some really cute affordable gifts. Even for giving to friends / as secret santa gifts over Christmas. Another tip I'd suggest is to look out in the supermarkets whilst doing your weekly shop. They always bring out some cute, cheap gift sets and chocolate! 

Kate x


  1. The dog mug is so cute! Great fillers - I'm so excited that bloggers are thinking Christmas already!

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    1. So excited for Christmas!! I just entered. It looks lovely! X