Friday, 6 November 2015

DIY Potato Print Tote

Since starting college, I've been using tote bags all the time. They are so much more practical and you  can fit so much in them! I found a plain tote on eBay for 99p and decided to jazz it up a bit with some good ol' potato prints!

I'm pretty sure that almost everyone tried this when they were little. Using cookie cutters to print various shapes. I decided to create a snowflake and star using my stanley knife, cutting into the potato.

I chose yellow and blue but obviously you can choose any colour you like. I just used regular, cheap acrylic paints. I used thick brushes to apply the paint and then simply printed them in a pattern all over the tote.

Such a simple thing yet you can create endless designs from it. It was so quick and fun! I might even try making more with festive colours - you could use them as stockings or gift bags.

Kate x


  1. This is such a fabulous idea! The tote looks great <3

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