Autumn / Winter Scent Pot

With Halloween now over but Christmas not quite here, I'm itching to start writing festive posts! I went into Tiger the other day and picked up some cinnamon sticks for only £1 so decided to create an autumn / winter scent pot to make the house smell delicious. The idea of this is that you just throw a few yummy smelling things into a pot of boiling water - the smell is soon all over the house and then you just turn it down / off.

I started off with water, cinnamon sticks, two teaspoons of ginger and 1 apple. Then, I let it all boil and threw in some cherries! (not pictured as it was a last minute idea). It's so fun to play around with the ingredients you have available. I can still smell this pot from the other room now and I turned it off about half an hour ago!

I'm excited to carry on doing these pots all through the colder months. I will definitely be putting one together for christmas eve! Have you ever tried these or have ideas for other ingredients? Let me know! 

Kate x


  1. I've been meaning to try this! It sounds like such a brilliant idea, and I imagine that it is better for the environment in the end (eliminating plastics of room fresheners and such!). The scent you created sounds perfect for the season!


    1. It really was lovely and so much more effective than a candle too. Definitely give it a go! X

  2. Great idea! sounds like it smells wonderful <3

  3. This is such a cute idea!! I've never heard of scent pots before but that sounds like a heavenly mix :) Will have to try it out! xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  4. Give it a go! They smell so yummy, and it's so simple! X


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