Monday, 9 November 2015

A Very Disney Room Tour

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while now - it's a little room tour! I have taken some pretty pictures of my favourite parts of my bedroom. First of all, this is a photo collage / mood board that I have above my desk. I like to look at this for inspiration and also have photos of my friends and family to make me smile. I'd eventually like to get some kind of cork board to pin things onto, but for now it's just blue-tacked onto the wall.

Here is my little Goofy tsum tsum from the disney store. This is on my book shelf above my mood board, with my Hunger Games and Divergent books and some cute fairy lights from paper chase.

On my wardrobe I stick all of my polaroid photos!  These are so, so precious to me and I love looking over at them when I am working on my desk too. My wardrobe doors are currently broken though (which is why they are open). I need to get a new one! I have also always kept some big teddy bears on top of my wardrobe and even at 19 years old I don't want to get rid of them!

Drumroll please.... my disney classic collection! I'm still working on this, trying to get them all. I also have my lovely peter pan figurine that my sister got me. I really need to invest in some kind of DVD unit as I'm running out of space on top my draws!

This is my very crowded but loved book shelf. On the left I have all of my art books and on the right I have my other ones. I try to colour code a bit so that it looks pretty!

But really, this is the best bit of my room. Look out the window and you can see two llamas! They don't belong to us, but they are really friendly and always try to peak into our living room from the bottom of the garden!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I love looking at photos of other peoples houses so I figured I might as well show some of mine!

Kate x


  1. omg your collection of movies is so impressive! <3

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