Sunday, 11 October 2015

My Little Mac Lip Collection

Gosh it feels good to be blogging again. It's been a while, settling into my new art course and being ill, but finally it's time to sit down and write. I thought i'd share my little but loved mac lip collection. I have 5 mac lipsticks and a lip pencil. 

I think it's quite obvious which was the first mac lipstick I ever got as it's slowly but surely disappearing! Syrup is my go-to lipstick for whenever I'm in a rush or just don't know what to use. It's such a natural tone and isn't one of those darker lipsticks that take some focus on getting exactly right. The others (left to right) are - taupe, which is a gorgeous matte colour that I've been reaching for a lot so far this autumn, creme cup which I originally got for prom and haven't really warn since to be honest as it's a bit too light for me, fluid which I really want to wear more in the colder months and velvet teddy (speaks for itself really - gorgeous matte lips!)

The lip pencil is 'Dervish' and I wear this under / around most of the other lipsticks. It's a really soft, neutral colour that even looks nice on it's own with a tiny bit of lip gloss. 

I'd love to know what your favourite mac lip products are so that I can keep my eye out when I'm next in the store!

Kate x

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