Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Experimenter - Lush Product Review


When I was in Cambridge the other day, I popped into Lush and picked up some of the new bath bombs which I believe originally were exclusive to the Oxford street store and now are coming to other stores. Today I used 'The Experimenter'! When I first picked this up I was SO exited, it looks so pretty and like it contains so many suprises! I'm definitely not keen on the smell of this bomb but when it's in the water it fades away a bit anyway. The colours started off really bright and slowly turned into pastel tones!


I know most lush bombs are meant to do this, but with this one I really noticed how soft it left my skin feeling after. It was lovely! It's about 2 hours later now and I still feel all soft and keep rubbing my feet together! 

I think that I would pick this up again but not before I've had a chance to try all the other new products. It's all so exciting! I've made another order today so expect more posts like this soon!

Kate x


  1. That looks so lovely in the bath! I half-expected a few of the colours to blend together poorly, but it does look great!


    1. I know right, it turned out lovely! x