Sunday, 2 August 2015

Recent Favourites


So July is over, and the sun has come out ready for the last month of relaxation before college starts. I haven't really tried many new things this month, but I thought I'd show you 4 things I've been really liking.

First are some Hope and Greenwood 'Sunshine Festivals' sweets. Charlie got me these from TK Maxx as a treat, and I've loved keeping them in the lounge so I can pick one out while I watch TV. They are watermelon, passion fruit and mango flavours but I couldn't really taste the different flavours - they just taste yummy! 

I have been doing the weekly shop to help mum out for a few months now, and this week I added some Arizona half iced tea & half lemonade drinks. They are AMAZING! So so refreshing. I love Arizona and trying all the different flavours when we go to town, so when I saw they were available on Ocado I was so excited! I'd definitely recommend these - they are the perfect summer drink!

This hand lotion is quite a random one, as I actually got it as a stocking filler for my mum just from Tesco last christmas. I have been getting dry nails lately and mum told me to try this. It's worked wonders! I have no idea if they still do it, but I will have to have a look when I'm next in Tesco. It's peach & apricot and smells delicious. 

Lastly, if this wasn't already obvious; Pinterest! I've been pinning like crazy lately. This is going to sound ridiculous in August but since Hobbycraft released their christmas products I've been so into pinning christmas planning ideas. I feel like my whole year is just waiting and waiting for christmas to come around again - it's my favourite! I can't wait for the end of September / October when all the pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon candles come out. Yippee!

I'd love it if you let me know what you've been loving lately. I really want to try some new products this month!

Kate x


  1. That all sounds so nice and summery. Well, with the exception of your Christmas craft ideas, haha. The candies sound super yummy :)

    Honestly I haven't tried many new products, and the ones I have I haven't been able to form an opinion yet. But, I have been really liking trying different fruit combinations in water. So far, lemon and strawberry is great (lime and strawberry, not so much) :)


    1. That sounds lovely. I have only tried lemon, blueberries, raspberries and kiwi which was yummy. I'm not a fan of our tap water so adding fruit to it makes it much better! x

  2. Lovely post, those sweets look so pretty!