Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mini Tiger Haul

I took a trip to Cambridge today, mainly to look around the Fitzwilliam museum to help me with my summer project for college, but also to go into one of my new favourite shops - Tiger! My friend Emily introduced me to this store, it's basically like an ikea of stationary. Sounds amazing right?! It has so much stuff that is all SO cheap!

So I picked up a note book with multicoloured rain drops on which was only £1 (AMAZING!) I fell in love with this design instantly and had to get it. I also got some simple colouring pencils, a tape dispenser, a landscape sketchbook, paintbrushes and some cheesy tortilla chips (which obviously were eaten before I had a chance to blog about them because they were so so yummy. oopsie!) Nothing in this haul was above £5 which I think is amazing. The stuff in Tiger is as good quality as you'd find in paper chase, but like half the price! I still love paper chase, it's just a bit pricey to buy all of my stationary there. I definitely go to paper chase whenever I need to buy cards though!

I definitely recommend you finding out if you have a tiger store near you. I'm not sure how many exist but wow, they are like heaven! I'm thinking of doing a collective haul post of everything I've purchased for college (it's a long list!). Next week I'm off on holiday to the New Forrest which I'm super excited for so I'll also be doing a post of all the pretty photos I take!

Kate x

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