Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Favourite High Street Necklaces

Hi again!

Until about 2 years ago I was never a huge fan of jewellery. I found it annoying / just didn't feel comfortable in it. As I got older, I started to get much more into it and have quite a nice collection now. I thought that it'd be nice to share with you my 4 favourite high street store necklaces. I wear them all the time!

(left to right) urban outfitters, dorothy perkins, forever 21

The first necklace is something I picked up from Urban Outfitters quite a long time ago now. I absolutely love the shade of blue with the gold - I think they are perfect together! I usually wear this with plain white tops, as the light blue looks good with lighter coloured tops! 

The second I only picked up the other day on a trip to town with mum. I have wanted one like this for a while, it makes me feel summery and I think it would look great at a festival! This was actually in the sale so I got it for about £2!

The last two necklaces are from Forever 21 in London, I picked them up before christmas on my best friend's birthday trip. The black one was part of a set, I think the other was a red feather or something but I prefer to wear them separately. The elephant necklace is my absolute favourite. It hangs really low and looks great with so many outfits! I am so so glad I got this.

Where do you shop for most of your necklaces? Let me know!

Kate x

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