Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dad's Old Camera

Hi again!

Over the past few months me and dad have been capturing photos on his old film camera and today we finally went to get them developed! I love the vintage look of photos like these - I can't wait to take lots more!

me and mum visiting wobourn safari park

 mum and dad at wobourn 

inside dad's car

 dad & his friend's cars


me on an easter walk

I am so glad that dad had this camera when he was in college - it's so fun to use. I love that you don't know what they are going to come out like!

Kate x


  1. These are beautiful! I have an old Pentax and we still have films we shot about 2-3 years ago to get developed! Oops! They'll be pretty if they come out at all :P

    Danielle xo

    1. Oh wow, it'd be so cool to see as I bet you don't even remember what you took! That's the fun part hehe! xx

  2. Aaaahh!! So pretty!! Legit vintage effect <3

    cindarellasecrets | lifestyle blog