Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Catch Up

I've been super nervous for my college welcome day since I received the letter and finally, yesterday was the day! I just finished my A Levels and am now going on to do a foundation art course. I think it went okay, everyone seems lovely and the facilities seem great too. I then went to Nandos with Ant and Zac after - it was sooooo yummy!

Now that the welcome day is over I can relax for a while! I really want to do loads of photography over summer. 

Another odd thing that happened the other day was a hot air balloon landing in next doors garden! My dog was going crazy barking in the garden, so I went out and it definitely was unexpected!

It's now 31° out and I made a delicious lemonade smoothie! I'm waiting for mum to get home from work so that we can go for a walk and hopefully catch a tan. 

Kate x

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