Monday, 15 June 2015

15 Things To Do This Summer

Although summer is a lovely, cheerful part of the year.. it does cause some horrible boredom! Here I have made kind of a bucket list of things I hope to do this summer - which will hopefully give you some ideas too!

1. Go on a bike ride
2. Make up a picnic with creative food ideas from Pinterest - even if you just end up eating it at the end of the garden!
3. Go to the cinema
4. Go to a nearby forest or wood and build a house out of fallen branches, then fill it with fairy lights!
5. Make a slip'n'slide and play on it with friends
6. Make a kite and fly it
7. Star gaze and try some star trail photography
8. Make some homemade lemonade
9. Do a carboot sale
10. Play board games in the garden
11. Make homemade pizzas and cook them outside
12. Have a water balloon fight
13. Paint patterns on rocks
14. Go to a local concert
15. Leave inspirational messages in unexpected places

I hope that some of these give you ideas of things to do this summer when you are bored. Of course, there is also netflix. Hehe!

Kate x


  1. Love this list! Funny enough, I used to paint rocks and stones as a kid with my cousins - and we'd go around the neighbourhood and sell them for 15 cents :) hah. Hope you're having a lovely summer so far!

    ~Lor @

  2. Thank you! Ah, that sounds so fun!! I have lots of memories of painting them whenever we went on holiday :) x