Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Art Book Collection

I've been wanting to do a post on my art books for a while now. Towards the end of last year, I decided that I really wanted to start collecting art books for inspiration and ideas. It's finally now starting to look like a real collection! I've been going through, putting post it notes on pages I love and using them when I am stuck for inspiration.

sketch your world by james hobbs, hand job by michael perry, 642 things to draw, totally washy by ashley ann laz, the busy girls guide to digital photography by lorna yabsley

freehand by helen birch, draw your own fonts by tony seddon, social photography by daniela bowker, the photographers playbook edited by jason fluffed and gregory halpern, photocrafty by sue venables

I got most of these books either from Amazon, Urban Outfitters or The Book Depository. Don't they all just look so pretty?! Instead of going into depth about all of the books, I thought it would make more sense just to tell you by top 5 art books. 

1. The Photographer's Playbook
This is quite different to the other books I have because it isn't image based. It's a thick, over 400 paged book with a kind of challenge on each page from different photographers. I love this because I find that when studying Photography in school, I get so tied up in projects that I find it hard to be inspired at home. This has helped me with that, as I just open it; read a paragraph and bam I have something to try.

2. Sketch Your World
I actually picked this book up in a Gallery a few months before my college interview. I'm not brilliant at sketch books, but this book really inspired me and I honestly can't recommend it enough. 

3. Photocrafty
This was the first of my collection, and I picked it up from Urban Outfitters a while back. It basically shows a range of photography skills and teaches you how they are created. They are really fun, exciting mini projects that you can have a go at in your spare time. 

4. Freehand
This tiny, cute little art book has given me a lot of inspiration. It's packed full of post it notes because all of the illustrations in it are so lovely. I love having a flick through it!

5. Draw Your Own Fonts
I started buying typography books because I was studying a Graphic Design A Level. This book has some interesting fonts in, however my favourite part about it is that it gives you space to actually have a go yourself. This is cute as it makes it more of a sketchbook! 

I hope that my art book collection keeps on growing, especially through my art foundation year. They are so special and pretty and look great on my book shelf which is always a bonus! 

Kate x

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