Disneyland Paris! Part 2.

Hi again, If you haven't checked out part one of my disneyland paris trip report yet please do!

So, wednesday we started off the day with a character breakfast. The food was the same but we got to see Goofy and Pluto.

Then we went to the studios! We went on the new ratatouille ride which was so good. Ratatouille is one of my favourites so we also ate in the restaurant that night. They are basically both themed around you being the size of a rat. The ride involves 3D glasses which is always fun! Part of the ride you can see the restaurant, and we also had a bit of a view of this when we ate. I had ratatouille (obviously) which was DELICIOUS. I can't even express how yummy it was. We also went on slinky dog, rockin' roller coaster (terrifying), the magic carpet ride, the tram ride and I went single rider on RC racer.

The best part of the wednesday was definitely the amount of characters we met though! Peter pan, Smee, Stitch, Woody, Mulan.. we kept spreading out just before they came so that we could then choose what character to run to. This was a great idea in half term when it was super busy!

And to finish of this lovely day we went back over and watched disney dreams. Beautiful & amazing as always. We waited an hour for this spot!

Looking at these photos is making me want to go back so much!

Kate x

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