Disneyland Paris! Part 1.

After months and months and months of waiting, planning and excitement.. the week finally came! I went to Disneyland Paris for my 18th birthday and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. I am and always have been a HUGE disney fan. I grew up adoring Mickey and listening to my Mickey and friends nursery rhyme tapes and playing peter pan games on my trampoline.

I have never been for the halloween season before but it was fantastic. The amount of characters out and the beautiful decorations.. It's so so nice. It was our third time staying in the Sequoia Lodge and we love it. From the cozy, warm feeling it gives you to the character breakfasts. It's in walking distance to Disneyland - just the other side of Disney Village. Perfect! By going at the end of October, we got a bit of christmas as well as halloween, yay!

We got there quite late on Monday so just went on the buzz lightyear ride and then ate in Annette's. I knew I'd struggle as a vegetarian, but I didn't know it'd be quite as hard as it turned out to be. Annette's do a tofu burger which I was not a fan of. I expected they might have a bean burger or something too, but no.. Ewwie. Oh well, the atmosphere and fries were still ace!

The second day was my 18th birthday! We planned to spend it in Fantasyland and then eat in Cafe Mickey. We queued up to meet stitch but he ended up switching with minnie when we were 2 people away. Didn't matter in the end as we met him in the studios the day after! Here are some birthday snaps...

Thanks to it being halloween, we also got to see and meet a few villains. They were super fun and captain hook is a personal fave!

Now, dinner! We have been wanting to go to cafe mickey for a while now but it's just so pricey and always booked up. Birthday meal = the perfect excuse! I had tomato soup, pizza then the mickey cupcake. The food was okay, but lets be honest.. you're mostly paying for the characters. 

That was the first two days of my 2014 Disneyland Paris trip! I will post about the other 3 days soon and maybe a haul post too. Wooooo!

Kate x

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