Monday, 1 December 2014

Affordable Gift Ideas For Girls

Christmas is getting super close which means it's time to start your christmas shopping! I thought I'd share some ideas for affordable gift ideas for friends and family as well as some stocking stuffers all under £15. Here goes!

1. Mug Cakes Book - ASOS - £8.00
A great gift for a friend who loves cooking. Perfect for christmas too, cozy night in with a mug cake? Don't mind if I do!

2. Heart Hot Water Bottle - ASOS - £10.00
Another cozy present. This alongside some chocolates would be perfect!

3. One Line a Day : Five Year Memory Book - Urban Outfitters - £11.99
A more meaningful gift.. I love the idea of this. Someone who enjoys blogging or writing, I think this would be lovely.

4. Vintage Chic Teacup and Saucer Candle - Very - £5.00
Such good value and so pretty! Would look adorable on a bedside table.

5. Sweet Cupcake Kit - Topshop - £10.00
Another one for the bakers! Maybe tell them to open it on christmas eve so the cakes are ready for christmas day!

6. Lip and Cream Blush Set - Topshop - £12.00
If you're thinking you want to get someone some make up, I think this is perfect. Topshop make up is great and the packaging is gorgeous too. Good value!

7. Soy Wax Pomegranate & Green Tea Candle - Dotcomgiftshop - £9.95
Who wouldn't love a pomegranate and green tea candle? It sounds SO GOOD.

8. Minnie Mouse Sketch Mug - Disney Store - £6.00
Got to sneak some disney in here.. filling this mug with sweeties or a hot chocolate packet would be super cute (and affordable!) but if you do go for this, I'd advise checking to see if you have a disney store near you because the shipping is very expensive for the disney store.

9. Ciate Caviar Luxe Manicure Set - Fragrance Direct - £4.99
Fragrance direct are AMAZING for deals on beauty products. AND the shipping is only about £1.99. Ideal!

10. Calvin Klein Lip Gloss Set - Fragrance Direct - £4.99
Another fragrance direct offer. I've never tried Calvin Klein lip gloss but the lipsticks are great.

11. Christmas Jumper - Boohoo - £15.00
I LOVE THIS! Imagine opening this and being able to snuggle up in it all day!

12. Hypergel Models Own Set - Boohoo - £15.00
Couldn't believe how good this set is when I found it. Think I might have to treat myself! I love models own.

13. Christmas Candy Boxset - Lush - £14.95
If in doubt, a lush box set is always the way to go. Unless they don't have a bath. Then maybe not.

14. The Jolly Lippy Lolly Giftset - The Body Shop - £10.00
Another body gift set, but this range of yummy christmas scents is sure to please anyone!

I hope you found this useful. Bring on blogmas!

Kate x

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