Saturday, 3 May 2014

May Wishlist

I have seen SO many cute things I want lately. I've been trying to save up for spending money in Disneyland Paris at the end of the year, so I have hardly brought anything. But, I thought I'd do a post showing you what I have seen! Get ready to spend some pennies...

HOW GORGEOUS IS THIS?! I can so imagine me wearing this in Summer. IT'S EVEN IN THE SALE! It's seriously calling me. I love skirts like this with oversized tees for the beach/ holidays. I may have to pick this up before they sell out. Down from £28, pretty awesome deal!

I'm a sucker for anything Disney. I found these on etsy and trust me, if it was any closer to my Birthday right now I'd have got them. I need excuses! I think they are adorable. I can never find these paper straws ANYWHERE or I'd have a go at making my own! I may have to invest in some as soon as I have some kind of party / gathering. 

If I had my own home I'd of brought these as soon as I laid eyes on them! Imagine these stacked up in a study or lounge room. So cute! I love any plants, I just think that they make houses look so much more open if you use them right.

When we got my dog, the breeder said to only feed her what we eat, not dog food. We tried this for a while, but it really didn't seem to agree with her. At the moment, we mix some tuna, cheese or mince with her dog food. This book provides dishes you can cook for your dog, for example pies and burgers. I thought I could try making these and mixing little bits of these in with her food instead?! I don't know, just an idea. The book looks super cute too!! I love cooking but I can't always eat what I cook, but my dog sure can!

I really want to add more aztec pieces into my room. I'm decorating my room soon but at the moment, all I've got is a double bed. I want aztec cushions, curtains and blankets. The lot! It makes me feel all summery!!!

Carrying on with the aztec theme, I came across this back pack on boohoo. My problem is that, as much as I love it, I really doubt I could pull it off. It's SO cute and makes me think of summer and festivals, but I just don't look great with backpacks. They take me back to my year 7 days with my fall out boy back pack that was about 5 times the size of me! 

See my troubles? So many cute things, so little money. Oh well! It'll all be worth it when I spend every penny on Disney mugs and lolly pops. Hehe! 

Kate x

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