Barcelona in Pictures

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Last week I was lucky enough to fly out to Barcelona and enjoy a little bit of sunshine and city life. Exploring backstreets, vegan restaurants, beaches and shops,  it is a lovely city. To say that I didn't find it overwhelming at first would be a lie. I don't travel well and everyone I'd spoken to about the trip had replied with something like "keep your purse close!". In all though, it's so worth it. Barcelona has so much character and some of my favourite moments were when we decided to avoid the more touristy areas and wander the backstreets. It's definitely a unique city, and if you ever get the chance, I'd totally recommend going! 

Of course, being a photography student, I never left the hostel without my camera in hand, so here are some of my photos as a peak into the Spanish city...

Have you ever been to Barcelona? What is your favourite city break? Let me know!

Kate x

Charity Shop Book Haul

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

I've been popping into charity shops quite regularly lately, mainly looking at the selection of second hand books. I love books, I buy way too many books, so perhaps to justify the obsession to myself a bit better; I decided to start buying most of my books from charity shops. Here are a few of my latest finds...

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

In 1984 the world is decided into three parts, Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia, all perpetually at war. In Oceania, the Party has created a totalitarian state that annihilates all opposition. In the forefront of the Party stands Big Brother, a figure of almost mythical power. The story of Winston Smith's rebellion against the Party, of his hatred of Big Brother, and of the thoughtcrime which must result in his destruction was first published in 1949. 

This is one that I've wanted to pick up for ages, so when I found it in an Oxfam book shop for £2 I couldn't leave it behind. It's not a synopsis I'd usually reach for, but with it being such a classic I feel I should definitely give it a go!

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Ove is almost certainly the grumpiest man you will ever meet. He thinks himself surrounded by idiots - joggers, neighbours who can't reverse a trailer properly and shop assistants who talk in code. But isn't it rare, these days, to find such an old-fashioned clarity of belief and deed? Such unswerving conviction about what the world should be, and a lifelong dedication to making it just so? In the end, you will see, there is something about One that is quite irresistible... 

Another book that I always see floating around on Goodreads. I also think it's a movie, and I love nothing more than finishing a book and being able to see it in movie-form! Again.- this was just £2.

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

It is Ireland in the 1950s and for Ellis Lacey, as for so many young Irish girls, opportunities are scarce. So when her sister arranges for her to emigrate to New York, Ellis knows she must go, leaving behind her family and home for the first time. 

I have read this before in Kindle edition and loved it so much that when I found it for £1 I decided to buy it for my book shelf. There is something lovely about having physical editions of books you love to lend out to friends or just to see when browsing.

On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan

It is July 1962. Edward and Florence, young innocents married that morning, arrive at a hotel on the Dorset coast. At dinner in their rooms they struggle to suppress their private fears of the wedding night to come and, unbeknownst to them both, the events of the evening will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

How could I leave behind a book with Saoirse Ronan on the cover?! I couldn't. Another one with a movie to watch after, and it was only £1.99. Bargain!

I can't wait to give all of these books a read. I've set my reading goal to just 12 books this year as I didn't want too much pressure & I figured one a month is a pretty easy target to keep - any more will be a bonus!

Kate x

A Festive Trip to the Seaside

Sunday, 30 December 2018

I feel like everyone who has time off in between Christmas and New Year feels the same, you don't really know what day it is, just that you're really full on leftover cheese and chocolate. This year we really wanted to make the most of the time off we have, so to keep busy we decided to get in the car and drive to the seaside!

We visited Wells-next-the-sea, which is about a 2 hour drive from home. The drive was so much better than in the Summer - clearly not many people decide to pack up and go to the beach in December!

We were dressed up with layers & scarfs, so decided to sit on a bench looking out at the sea to eat some fish and chips. I had a veggie sausage though, of course! Then we took a short walk and ended the trip in the slot machines - because no trip to the English seaside is complete without wasting all of your change on 2p machines!

It was a really nice afternoon out and I'm excited for the weather to get better so that we can actually enjoy the beach a bit more next time!

Kate x

Christmas 2019 To Do List

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas has come around so quickly this year, I feel like I haven't had time to even think about all the festive activities that I look forward to all year round. I thought by writing them down, I will be much more likely to make time for them over the next week. I've also included some of the things I have done - just incase it gives you ideas! 

  • Buy a real Christmas tree ✓
  • Decorate a Christmas tree ✓
  • Wrap all my presents & put them under the tree
  • Drink lots of hot chocolate
  • Visit a Christmas market ✓
  • Drink mulled wine in the cold ✓
  • Go for a walk & look at all the lights ✓
  • Read a festive book
  • Write and deliver Christmas cards
  • Have a day dedicated to Christmas movies
  • Decorate a Christmas cake
  • Bake mince pies ✓
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Buy some new pyjamas
  • Go to a Christmas party ✓

Let me know what's on your Christmas to-do list - not long left now! xx

Netflix Reccomendations

Sunday, 16 December 2018

The cold, rainy days that we have been having so often lately make perfect Netflix days. Candle lit, blanket on, binge on. I'm always asking people for new shows to watch as I seem to get through a few too many. Here are some I've watched and enjoyed..

Unforgotten / 2 Seasons
I recently finished this and really enjoyed it. It's a BBC crime drama and each season revolves around a separate case. I believe the third season is on TV at the moment, so I'm looking forward to watching that when I'm caught up!

The Good Place / 3 Seasons
Me and my Dad both love this show. It's really a funny, feel good show starring some amazing people like Kristen Bell, Ted Danson and Jameela Jamil. The show is set in 'the good place' which is basically heaven. There is also a 'bad place' which is hell. Eleanor (played by Kristen Bell) ends up in The Good Place by accident and has to try to fit in so she isn't chucked out. It's really good and each episode is only 20 minutes long so you don't feel so guilty for binge watching!

Santa Clarita Diet / 2 Seasons
Another hilarious show, starring the gorgeous Drew Barrymore who wakes up one day and can only eat people. Sounds ridiculous, is ridiculous, but also really really addictive.

Safe / 1 Season
I believe this is a Netflix original. It's another crime drama, but instead of focusing on the usual, detectives / police, it follows the journey of the farther of a 16 year old girl who goes missing. If you want to get hooked into a show but not one that has like 8 seasons, this is ideal.

Terrace House Aloha State / 4 Seasons
My friend Charlotte introduced me to this show and I quickly became obsessed. It's all in Japanese, so I watch with subtitles. It's a reality show where 3 girls and 3 boys who don't know each other move into a house for a summer. Some find jobs, some are studying. If you're a fan of reality TV then I highly recommend this - don't be put off by the subtitles!

I'd really appreciate any other recommendations in the comments below!

Christmas Gift Guide For Vegans

Saturday, 1 December 2018

If you're not a vegan yourself, then buying for one can be a bit daunting. This will be my second vegan Christmas and I feel super prepared - I even have vegan marshmallows ordered for my hot chocolates! I thought I'd share some ideas with a Christmas Gift Guide for Vegans. I hope you find it useful - and even if you don't know any veggies/ vegans, why not try some of these products out anyway?! The products are all linked at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

1. Best Wishes Lush Gift Set | £18.95
2. Reusable Bamboo Straws | £9.50
3. Chocolate Libre Penquine Cracker | £2.99
4. Bodyshop Himalayan Charcoal Mask | £17
5. Save The Bees Tote | £11
6. Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon Gift Jar | £8

Kate x

A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Visiting a pumpkin patch has got to be the ultimate Autumn activity, right?! Making the most of my favourite time of the year had to include a trip to Freshfields, which is in Cambridgeshire. It's free entry, you just turn up and grab a wheelbarrow and go pick some pumpkins! They had so many different kinds.. from your average Halloween carving pumpkins to spaghetti squashes (what?!), it was hard to choose! Of course, I took my camera along... so here are some cute Autumnal photos!

I've been trying to get out and enjoy Autumn as much as possible. The trees and wildlife are just perfect right now. Let me know your favourite thing to do in Autumn in the comments below! 

Kate x

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